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  • A Guide to Purchasing Rare Gold Coins


    In recent decades, collecting rare gold coins has become more and more popular among investors. Because of their rarity and popularity among collectors, rare gold coins are purchased and sold at values that exceed the value of their gold content.

    Rare gold coins are different from gold bullion, which is minted solely as a store of value. Rare gold coins can be used as legal currency, although the value of their gold content far exceeds their denomination. The value of a gold coin is determined by its rarity, condition and age.

    The easiest way to purchase rare gold coins is through a coin dealer. However, investors should be aware that rare gold coins carry higher premiums than other forms of gold investment.

    Collecting rare gold coins first became popular in the 1950s, as both a hobby and a way to accumulate wealth. Because of this, rare gold coins are granted certain tax breaks. They are also immune from seizure by the U.S. government under Executive Order 6102, which allows for the seizure of private holdings of gold during times of economic or political upheaval.

    Today, many investors purchase rare gold coins in order to better diversify their portfolio. Rare gold coins are considered a buffer in times of financial duress because they are pure wealth and are not bound to a particular bank or government. Because of its security and value retention, gold is often regarded as the asset of last resort.