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    With gold prices in the midst of a decade-long bull market, the principals at GONTHIER GROUP SA decided to offer investors the world's first gold-backed annuity policy. Rate of Gold is the premier source of information about gold annuities and other gold investment options.

    GONTHIER GROUP SA is a firm of investment brokers that specializes in matching clients with Swiss insurance companies. Because we are directly compensated by Swiss insurers, our services are offered to you free of charge. In fact, using an investment intermediary like GONTHIER GROUP SA saves you money by eliminating the time and cost of tracking down a suitable insurance partner.

    The principal founders of GONTHIER GROUP SA are Mr. Pierre-André Gonthier and Ms. Tilly Schneeberger. With nearly fifty years of collective experience in the Swiss insurance industry, Mr. Gonthier and Ms. Schneeberger can be trusted to help you make the best decision for your financial future.

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