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Investing in Switzerland

In today’s economy, it is no longer enough to accumulate wealth. Preserving your hard-earned money and assets is equally as important.

Switzerland offers investors unparalleled confidentiality and asset protection. In fact, every aspect of its financial climate is structured to encourage foreign investment. Tax advantages, security laws and economic stability all combine to make Switzerland an ideal country in which to store wealth. An overview of the many advantages that comes with investing in Switzerland follows.

Tax Advantages

Despite being a small, landlocked country that is largely devoid of natural resources, Switzerland has established itself as a major player in international commerce. There are two primary reasons for this: the Swiss export goods of sublime quality, and the Swiss government encourages foreign investment by maintaining investor-friendly regulations.

In addition, Switzerland offers foreign investors significant tax advantages. Low tax rates in countries like Switzerland help create economic climates that attract foreign investors looking to better their rates of return. Although U.S. nationals are now taxed on their worldwide income, tax treaties established with Switzerland allow savvy investors to store money overseas free from taxation.

Privacy Laws
Investing in Switzerland

Swiss banks and insurance companies are renowned for enforcing privacy laws that shield the identities of their clients. In fact, Swiss privacy laws are so well-known that some people mistakenly believe that these companies exist solely to shelter criminals and tax evaders.

In reality, Switzerland’s privacy laws serve to protect an investor’s right to anonymity. Any investor who can demonstrate that the source of his or her money is legitimate enjoys absolute confidentiality in his or her financial matters. Only in cases of overt criminal activity will Swiss insurance companies reveal the identities of their clients.

Article 47 of the Banking Law of 1934 prohibits Swiss banks from divulging information about their clients. Foreign governments and creditors have no right of access to any account information.

Swiss Economic Stability

In addition to providing protection from outside sources, Switzerland has also proven to be an excellent shield from the unstable world economy. As one of the only industrialized nations to operate with a budget surplus, investing in Switzerland grants you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are safe. In recent years, gold and the Swiss franc (CHF) have outperformed competing assets. Investing in Switzerland is an ideal way to capitalize on their age-tested value.

Per capita, Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Swiss insurance companies are required to maintain security reserves in excess of their liabilities to clients, and the entire Swiss financial industry is backed by the strength of the CHF and the stability of the Swiss government. Over the last forty years, the Swiss franc’s value has increased more than 300 percent relative to the U.S. dollar.

Asset Protection

Swiss annuity policies are immune from legal judgments, debt collection, divorce proceedings and government seizure. If an annuitant declares bankruptcy, his or her assets are automatically transferred to the primary beneficiary and are no longer considered part of the annuitant’s estate. Once the legal situation is resolved, the annuity policy is automatically transferred back to the annuitant.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™ policies enjoy the asset protection offered by regular Swiss annuity policies.