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Hold Gold Investments in a Swiss Annuity

Rate of Gold

Thank you for visiting Rate of Gold, your portal for investing in The Swiss Gold Annuity™. Owned and operated by GONTHIER GROUP SA, the leading Swiss annuities broker, Rate of Gold offers a variety of information and tools to help you determine whether a gold annuity policy aligns with your financial goals.

As world markets struggle amid inflation and currency devaluation, investors are rushing to the safety and security of gold - the world's oldest store of value. At few points in history has it been more important for investors to secure their assets by using a stable commodity like gold. With this in mind, GONTHIER GROUP SA developed Rate of Gold to enable investors to own a gold-backed Swiss annuity.

Request a Gold Annuity Proposal

Rate of Gold has a form where you can request a no-obligation gold annuity proposal. Please fill out the form (located on the right side of every page of this website) or contact us via phone or post if the security and value retention of gold appeal to you. Our Swiss insurance experts will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Greetings from Switzerland,

Pierre-André Gonthier


Swiss Gold Annuities

With international money markets floundering and the price of gold soaring to record levels, there is no better time to invest in the security and value retention of gold. With this in mind, GONTHIER GROUP SA is pleased to introduce The Swiss Gold Annuity™, the world's first gold-backed annuity policy.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™ enables investors to capitalize on the remarkable strength and stability of gold, the world's oldest investment. With its advent, you can now secure gold, one of the world's safest commodities, by using the legendary asset protection and privacy offered by Swiss annuities.

Visit our page on The Swiss Gold Annuity™ for more information.

Consumer's Guide

Consumers Guide to Swiss-Annuities - Rate of Gold

GONTHIER GROUP SA recommends The Consumer's Guide to Swiss Annuities by Jean-François Meillard to any investor interested in learning more about Swiss annuities and the wealth of Swiss investment options available to foreign investors. Privacy, flexibility and asset protection are the hallmarks of investing in Switzerland, and The Consumer's Guide to Swiss Annuities does an exemplary job of addressing each.

The guide is independently published by the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau and can be purchased on Amazon.com or downloaded as an e-book.

Visit the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau website for more information.

Why Switzerland

Why Switzerland - Swiss Map

Among all countries, Switzerland stands alone as the safest place to invest your money. With legendary asset protection and an unimpeachable record of economic stability and political neutrality, there is no more secure place to store personal wealth. Just as important, that wealth is readily available to all investors. Unlike other countries, Switzerland has never tried to prevent foreign investors from moving their wealth out of the country. Your money is available to you whenever you desire.

Over the last century, Switzerland has earned its reputation as a secure place to store wealth. While American insurance companies default on policies with alarming frequency, no Swiss insurer has ever defaulted on a single policy.

IRA Rollovers

IRA Rollover - Swiss Map

American investors are able to roll over their IRAs into The Swiss Gold Annuity™, usually without being taxed. There are two distinct types of IRA rollovers: direct rollovers and indirect rollovers. Direct rollovers are the simpler and more common option. The trustee responsible for your employer's retirement plan transfers the balance of your account into a Swiss IRA-equivalent account. Indirect rollovers occur when that same trustee transfers the money directly to you. You then customarily have 60 days to transfer the funds into a Swiss annuity policy or alternative account before the money becomes taxable income.

Money that is already in a 401(k) or another suitable policy can usually be transferred tax-free into a Swiss annuity policy. This money can then be denominated in the currency of your choice or converted into gold investments and held inside of The Swiss Gold Annuity™.


Top Reasons to Invest in The Swiss Gold Annuity™:
  • Gold is in the midst of a decade-long bull market, or upward trajectory.
  • Gold is viewed as the “asset of last resort” during times of financial upheaval or uncertainty.
  • The Swiss Gold Annuity™ confers all of the advantages of regular Swiss annuities, including asset protection, security, portfolio diversity, privacy and tax advantages.
  • Investing in gold is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Investing in gold insulates you from currency depreciation.
  • All Swiss annuity policies are highly liquid investments.
  • The Swiss Gold Annuity™ can hold (and protect) any type of gold investment, from gold ETFs to shares of gold refineries.
  • Unlike fiat currencies, gold will always maintain some measure of its value.
  • The Swiss Gold Annuity™ can be immune to creditors and legal judgments.

  • You can change your investment strategy at any time.
  • You share with us your goals and objectives and we help you determine whether the Swiss Gold Annuity™ is the right choice for you.
  • This information is used to ascertain which insurance company best aligns with your needs. Drawing on our experience, we help you determine the best possible plan to obtain a Swiss Gold Annuity™.
  • We connect you with a Swiss insurance company that will offer you the gold-backed annuity policy that fits your needs.