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  • Is Gold Still a Sound Investment?


    After the recent swoon in gold prices, is it still wise to invest in gold? In a word, yes. Gold has a well-earned reputation as the "asset of last resort." In times of financial strife, both investors and governments flock to the security and value retention it provides.

    Our current economic difficulties, which include too much debt and too little growth, stem from stopgap policies adopted several years ago in the face of an earlier financial crisis. In 2008, the U.S. government went to extreme lengths to prevent a financial apocalypse. Interest rates were slashed to record-lows (and have remained there). Congress adopted a policy to buy up toxic assets. Neither policy solved the economic crisis, leaving policy makers only two options to deal with their debt: default or devalue.

    Neither option benefits investors, pushing historically secure assets like gold to the forefront of investor’s minds. Goldman Sachs recently reiterated its 12-month gold price target of $1,860 an ounce while slashing prices for copper and oil.

    For today and the near future, gold remains an excellent investment option. Curious investors should contact GONTHIER GROUP SA for more information about the Swiss Gold Annuity™, a proprietary creation that is one of the most secure ways to invest in gold.